Last time you had been warned about the problems connected with the preparation of creams and its possible setbacks.
Now we are going to be more specific: Today we talk about the crème anglaise, its complications and its possible remedies.

The crème anglaise is realized through the controlled coagulation of egg yolks at a maximum temperature of 85°C.
It’s great for many desserts as Bavarian creams, or mousses.
Moreover, it is ideal to be the base of a vanilla ice cream, crème caramel, crème brûlée or as a sauce for a dessert.
In short, it is perfect almost everywhere!

What about its structure?

The crème anglaise is basically composed of: 50% milk, 20% cream, 15% egg yolks, 15% granulated sugar and 1% aromas.
However, the base can be of 3 different types:

1) Milk: in this case the cream is light and soft.  Excellent for Bavarois, soft mousse or sauce for dessert.

2) Milk-cream: more solid than the previous. In fact, thanks to a higher level of fat (35% m.g.), the cream makes it more dense. Fantastic for Bavarois with a heavy taste of cream or chocolate desserts.

3) Cream: the most solid one because the cream is the only ingredient for the base. Heavy taste ideal for desserts with fruit puree or butter creams.

Problems and Causes: What to do?

If during the preparation of the crème anglaise you don’t pay maximum attention, especially to the temperature and mixing, the possibility of obtaining a poor result is high.

             PROBLEMS                   CAUSES             WITH HOTMIXPRO
1) The cream is separated

2) Too liquid cream

1) too high temperature (over 85°C)

2) Too low temperature (75°-80°C)

Thanks to the degree-by-degree temperature control, no more problems. You need only to set the desired temperature and it will be maintained as long as you want, with no errors. (*)
3) Small size egg yolks lumps

4) Foam during the cooking

3) Egg yolks and sugar put together without mixing them

4) Egg yolks and sugar mixed too vigorously and whisk used during cooking

Continuous and automatic mixing allows you to always get the right creaminess, without lumps or foam. Set the time and relax!

(*) Thanks to the Wait Temperatures function, the machine will reach the temperature you selected and then it will start to work; for a greater accuracy and a better result. 

No more errors or problems with HotmixPRO 🙂 
Put the ingredients in the bowl and select the options: the result will leave you speechless every time!