HotmixPRO Easy

Cooking food processor

From 24°C to 130°C, painted steel body, up to 10’000 rpm. Your entry-level companion.

Professional Homogenizer for catering HotmixPRO Easy has a powerful motor (1’200W), capable of very high speeds (up to 10’000 rpm), and it can cook up to 130°C (266°F) with degree-by-degree temperature control (1°C increments).

Thanks to these features, HotmixPRO Easy is suitable for almost every recipe, such as creams, jams, sauces, doughs, reductions… its high temperatures even allows caramelization of sugars!
What’s more, it comes with a few revolutionary features, that will really improve your workflow. Features such as the WT function.

These helpful -and unique– characteristics introduce a new level of comfort in your kitchen: in fact, the operator’s presence is not constantly required anymore.
A great number of preparations can be made by simply inserting the ingredients into the bowl, programming the machine, and pressing the START button.

Thanks to the perfect temperature control, HotmixPRO Easy can guarantee constant, standardized, and optimal results.
You can even let your staff use it. As long as they use your recipe (and the same ingredients of course), no one will be able to see the difference.

So, in a few words, here are the results you get with HotmixPRO Easy:

  • You save time, being able to do something more important while the machine works
  • You theoretically get rid of human error during the most complex preparations
  • You standardize the quality of your recipes
  • You are less stressed and your work is lighter

HotmixPro Easy the cooking food processor, thanks to its awesome features, is ideal for:

  • chopping
  • blending
  • whipping
  • pulverizing
  • doughing
  • homogenizing
  • liquefying
  • whisking
  • clarifying hot
  • browning hot
  • cooking  hot
  • roasting  hot
  • pasteurizing  hot
  • reducing  hot
  • tempering chocolate (seed method)  hot
  • sous-vide cooking  hot
  • and more…

Discover the cooking food processor and the full range of multifunction food processor professional HotmixPRO which includes the range of professional dryers, the Professional Emulsifier for catering and the professional thermal blender for catering. The made in Italy guarantee of food industry accessories designed for food companies and kitchens in Hotels, Hotels and Restaurants.

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Technical Specifications

Max Bowl Capacity2lts
RPM min / max0 - 10'000 rpm
Max continue work hours4
Temperature Range24°C to 130°C
Power - Frequency110V / 240V
50Hz / 60Hz
Heating Power800W
Motor Power1'200W
Max Total Power2'000W
SD cardNO
BodyPainted Steel
Net Weight13Kg
AccessoriesBlades, mixing paddle, lid with measuring cup, spatula

Discover the recipies

Take a look at the HotmixPRO Range!

HotmixPRO Easy:

from 24°C to 130°C, painted steel body, up to 10’050 rpm. Your entry-level companion.

HotmixPRO Gastro:

from 24°C to 190°C, stainless steel body, up to 12’500 rpm, recipe memory and more!

HotmixPRO Gastro X:

from 24°C to 190°C, up to 16’000 rpm, up to 12 hours of work… powerful and tireless!

HotmixPRO Twin:

from 24°C to 190°C, up to 12’500 rpm, and double capacity, with its two independent bowls!

HotmixPRO Gastro XL:

from 24°C to 190°C, up to 16’000 rpm, up to 12 hours of work… and improved 3-lts capacity!

HotmixPRO 5 STARS:

from 24°C to 190°C, stainless steel body, and 5 lts capacity, ideal for the biggest restaurants!

HotmixPRO Breeze:

from -24°C to room temperature, it’s the first thermal mixer specialized in chilling!

HotmixPRO Combi:

on one side, it’s like a Gastro; on the other, like a Breeze – versatile and performant!

HotmixPRO Creative:

from -24°C to +190°C, it’s the first appliance of its category able to chill and cook in the same bowl!

HotmixPRO Master

from 24°C to 190°C, 16’000 rpm, 12 hours of continuous work… and the incredible ability to make vacuum in its bowl while working!

HotmixPRO Smoke

A professional cold smoker, able to run the smoke through liquids, and compatible with every other HotmixPRO unit.

HotmixPRO Dry

Entirely in stainless steel, with 2 separate areas, recipes, and perfect temperature control: this new tabletop dehydrator will really surprise you!

HotmixPRO Master Breeze:

quickly cool down to -24°C while creating vacuum into the bowl

HotmixPRO Giaz & Easy Giaz:

make up to 10 portions of instant ice cream in 60 seconds, without any waste and with full control over the results


"HotmixPRO is an incredible machine!"

"In order to maintain our high standards, we need reliable cooperators and suppliers."


"HotmixPRO has become a key tool in our kitchen.
It takes away stress and allows us to be in control more easily.

The ability to use the recipe system to make any recipe perfectly repeatable (by anyone in the kitchen) is very appreciated."


"HotmixPRO is very innovative, it allows you to forget about it...
You can do something else and the machine will work correctly and won't spoil any recipe. So it's become very important in our workflow. [...] And you also have less things to wash."