Reference & Certifications

Reference & Certifications

Find out what our customers say about us, with the use of our equipment they have improved their performance in the kitchen by optimizing time and costs.


HotmixPRO is an incredible device!

… To maintain our very high standards, we need reliable collaborators and suppliers …
HotmixPRO is one of them. “


HotmixPRO has become a key tool in our kitchen. It takes away stress and allows us to be in control more easily. T
he ability to use the recipe systemto make any recipe perfectly repeatable (by anyone in the kitchen) is very appreciated


HotmixPRO is very innovative, it allows you to forget about it…
You can do something else and the machine will work correctly and won’t spoil any recipe. So it’s become very important in our workflow…
And you also have less things to wash!”


Marco Mazzini
Pastry chef, lecturer and professional consultant

Trained from a very young age alongside Italy’s top pastry professionals, to this day he passes on his knowledge and talent in the white art through courses for apprentices and practitioners, as well as consulting for companies, schools and restaurants.
“HotmixPRO for me means first and foremost precision, standardization and versatility. The consistency in the result and the replicability of the process, make my HotmixPRO Gastro X a now indispensable ally in every situation.”

Fabio Mauro Tommaso Gallo
Owner and chef of Oltre restaurant in Rimini, a member of the Italian National Chefs’ Association.

“A lifelong lover of cooking, my passion is to enhance the sea in all its facets.
I prefer only seasonal products and raw material related to my territory.
The use of HotmixPRO machinery, in the restaurant kitchen, allows you to go “BEYOND” .
You find the idea, they help you realize it.”

Igles Corelli
5 Michelin Star Chef and Coordinator of the Scientific Committee of Gambero Rosso Academy.

Undisputed master of Italian catering and well-known face of Gambero Rosso Channel with his program “The Taste of Igles,” as of 2018 Igles Corelli is the new Coordinator of the Scientific Committee of Gambero Rosso Academy. In the Chef’s kitchen, as happens in nature, nothing is neglected or thrown away, everything is transformed, aided by technology in the kitchen, of which he has always been a fervent supporter. HotmixPRO’s state-of-the-art machines have always been used by Igles in the kitchens of Chef Tec Pro, Gambero Rosso Academy’s course on cutting-edge technology in the kitchen, for which Chef Corelli is the instructor in charge.

HotmixPRO is an Alma supplier

The international school of Italian cuisine


Because HotmixPRO is synonymous with the Made In Italy guarantee, our equipment is designed and manufactured in Italy using quality raw materials to ensure maximum efficiency and durability for our customers.

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Our stimulus to HotmixPRO, to continue on the path of innovation, serving the professional.