For whom loves cooking, but doesn’t forget about the environment, there’s a newcomer in town that cares of health and reduction in food waste: the dehydration.

What are we talking about?

It is a simple process, suitable to any kind of people, not only for chefs, because it offers you different applications in the daily life. Recently, this technique has also taken on a significant social role, becoming a new trend of modern kitchen.
The reduction of food waste, which is becoming more and more important today, is supported now by the whole culinary world. The drying represents an efficient way to reduce the waste, which cannot be no longer accepted.


The Dehydration Mission

An example? Think about tomatoes’ peel, which can be dehydrated and used to produce flour to give more an intrinsic flavor to dishes.
The struggle against food waste is becoming more important also in the world of the “haute cuisine”. Indeed, there are a lot of chefs involved in the creation of menu entirely made up with dishes based on “food waste”, easily recognizable by the use of those parts that are always thrown away.
In particular, the 3-Star Chef Massimo Bottura started a social campaign against food waste. The Chef has open several refreshment kitchens around the world for people in economic distress, like Refettorio Ambrosiano in Milan (the first), The Refettorio Gastromotiva in Rio the Janeiro for the Olympics Games 2016 and Felix, the latest one which was opened few days ago in London.
A wonderful initiative that has given the example to many other chefs.

Massimo Bottura and his Project: “a ‘starred’ place for poor people all around the world”. Credits: Official Satisfeito Facebook Page


News, Curiosities.. A new World to discover

Beetroot meringue, smoked pistachio ganache, ribes caramel and caramel cream

This innovative technique that cares of the environment could be the solution for everyone.
But don’t worry! We are still speaking about cooking so also the taste is not forgotten! Dehydration allows to discover new flavours and sensational textures. For this reason, dehydration is upsetting the culinary world and now dried foods play a main role in every great menu.
So, a new techinique for unique experiences, that can become awesome if the drying would be supported by efficient devices.
So for this reason, the development of new tools that could ensure excellent performances especially over time, is become crucial.

HotmixPRO has tried to develop a product that can guarantee high-quality performances to all kind of customers. Let’s free the imagination and transform any dish into a fantastic, health conscious experience.

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Written by Diana Radi