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Have you ever wondered how one of the oldest preservation techniques has become today a new trend among the chefs all around the world?

How has the dehydration become a technique able to create dishes with aromas and flavours never experienced before?

To properly understand we must step back.

We know that water is life, but, it is paradoxically also the cause of the deterioration of foods.
Water is the ideal environment for bacteria and mold to reproduce themselves and proliferate.
So people started drying to preserve food and it did not take long to realize that dried foods changed their aromas and textures.
A juicy fruit can become crispy, and this lead the way to games of flavours and textures never experienced before.

You say …Why??

Well, let’s try to explain it by describing the singles practical advantages and possibilities of the dehydration!

1) Easy

To dehydrate foods requires no special training and it is available to everyone.
What is surprising is that such a simple and natural process is able to convert food “into other foods’ with totally different flavours and textures.

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2) Money saving

Food can also be kept out of the fridge after the dehydration, thus limiting energy expenditure.
HotmixPRO Dry is designed with a strong focus on energy saving: it wastes less energy thanks to the use of two separate zones at variable temperature.

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3) Natural

After cooking, many foods undergo a strengthening process of their flavours through additives so that their aromas can be perceived as if they were fresh.
Drying is instead a natural process!
Foods do not require any additives to release all their flavours but there is more!
In fact, due to the concentration resulting from the evaporation of water, the dehydration enhances the flavours in a natural way, without the help of chemical products!

So dried foods can be used to emphasize the overall taste of a dish and enhance its aromas.

Dried Mushrooms Credit: www.commons.wikimedia.org

4) Healthy

Unlike cooking, the nutritional properties of dried foods are not altered .
In this way, the important substances for our body are not lost: you will be able to absorb all the vitamins, minerals & Co. for the first time ever!

Dried Fruits Credit: www.pixabay.com

5) Creative

Chefs now love it! Dried foods are more and more in the dishes of every restaurant.

But why? Today the drying process is so popular because it allows who cooks to play with flavours but also with the textures!
Yes, an essential element of the modern kitchen is the texture of food. Together with flavours, textures are part of the elements that contribute to the balance of the dish.

Chefs may well go even further with the imagination and create dishes never prepared before: the crunchiness of an apple chips or the gumminess of a mushroom create exciting and surprising flavours that will leave your customers and guests speechless!

So what are you waiting for? Discover now the fantastic world of dehydration to experience this new trend!
HotmixPRO Dry is created especially for who wants to experience new culinary sensations.

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