Starred Chef Massimo Bottura in the Refettorio Gastromotiva kitchen

The 3 key words that have revolutionized the world of the cuisine are: research, innovation and study brought a new and different idea, based on the concept of good but also of profit.
It’s not a whim of the chef that looks for extreme innovation, but it represents a continuous improvement that keeps in mind some environmental needs. A good dish must bring value to everybody, from who cooks, to customers and the environment.

So chefs have now known how to put together two distant theme as the cost optimization and the quality of the final product, by turning the so-called “bad parts” of foods into main characters of their dishes.
It is also clear that cooking a good dish starting from the less appreciated parts gives more motivation and satisfaction in comparison to cooking with excellent raw materials that don’t need many preparations.

This is the challenge: to use the largest part of raw materials and even the less appreciated ones, keeping the high quality that characterize them.

What has changed?

HotmixPRO: the first ever range of warm storing cabinets. The evolved preservation from +2°C to +90°C

Every kitchen’s innovation must be supported from an innovation of method and a more appropriated research of appliances.
For this reason we have created the first range of 8 warm storing cabinets, innovative appliances never existed before able to dehydrate foods and preserve the fragrance of all preparations up to the moment of the service in a room equipped with several Gastronorm 1/1 trays.

A range composed by 8 machines that helps to fight against food wasting and at the same time able to create new tastes and textures. How it’s possible?

People usually think that low temperatures are essential in order to preserve the foods, as for example in the fridge or in the refrigerator, but many of them don’t know that foods can be preserved also through high temperatures. They allow to avoid bacteria and mold proliferation which are responsible of food spoilage, through the evaporation of the water.

According to FAO the 45% of the produced fruit and vegetables are wasted. Credit:

The quality of a dish depends on raw materials and also on the preparation: for instance, through the dehydration, tastes become stronger and purer.
This is possible because the molecules that give the taste are preserved in a smaller amount of water, resulting therefore less “diluted”.

An example to better understand: what kind of advantages would you benefit if fruits and vegetables sector would implemented the dehydration in its productive trial?

The statistics confirm an horrible trend: halves of the produced and commercialized fruits and vegetables are thrown in the garbage and completely wasted.
Let’s imagine to have everyday any kind of fruits and vegetables without problems of seasonality. A jar of dried strawberries, for example, can be preserved until very long time without other energetic costs and without losing taste and organoleptic properties.

A little example

Dried vegetables guarantee a longer preservation. A great benefit to the producer and the consumer. Credit:

So how about a pack of vegetables with the comfort and convenience of a frozen product and the taste of a fresh one? 

Dehydrating the food enable to who produces to lower the costs and get rid of the wastes at the end of the day. Nothing will be more thrown away, drastically decreasing the perishability of the food.

But that’s not all! As explained before, the healthy elements of a dried product are totally preserved and taste is stronger in comparison to the freshly harvested ones. 

A bunch of previously cut vegetables can produced a great minestrone soup simply by putting it again into water, because in this way the dried vegetables regains all the physical characteristics of a fresh product with an important added value: greater taste, longer preserving and certainty of have used every single part of what has been produced.


A real example about how the dehudration can bring great benefits in term of cost and quality, to who must face every day the problem of the perishability of food. Have you ever thought about it?

Next time other concrete examples will explain how the performances and the versatility of HotmixPro machines can highly improve the efficiency of your work.