In the previous article we introduced the technique of tempering the chocolate, and we learnt that time, movement and temperature unfortunately create many problems.
The delicate balance that dominates this preparation often forces to make many attempts to get a great result unless you have a good mastery of the technique.
Don’t you remember?

We explained that if the chocolate is cooled without moving it, it solidifies very slowly, the texture becomes grainy and the colour not shiny.
Time and temperature have obviously a dominant role in the process as they can prevent to get that shiny appearance that we try to give to chocolate through this technique.

However, there is a way to forget about the problems of tempering the chocolate and that’s HotmixPRO of course!
Thanks to its professional features designed to solve any kind of problem, HotmixPRO is also able to temper the chocolate!
But he does it in its own way, and trust me, this one is much easier and efficient.

Let’s see how this is possible!

1) First of all, you will be 100% sure of reaching the right temperature for the kind of chocolate you choose.
This is possible through its DEGREE-BY-DEGREE temperature control!
All other devices with a less precise temperature control (for example 5° increment or also 10° increment..) are not able to ensure a professional result because of a very approximal control.
Especially by working with such a delicate food like chocolate, it is essential to keep a high level of accuracy to get the best result.

2) The problem of the movement is easily solved by the automatic mixing which ensures maximum shine and perfect texture through an homogeneous mixing.

3) Moreover, during the second phase in which the chocolate is melted again (the most complicated one) is possible to keep the temperature stable all the time you want thanks to the WAIT TEMPERATURE function!
In this way, you can always have tempered chocolate ready to be use.
It would be extremely difficult to achieve manually such a result and fresh and perfect ingredients are essential for a professional to ensure a high level of service.

4) Last but not least, by using the NEXT function is possible to leave to the machine all the work. Every step will be carried out without the need of your constant presence.
This is the way to ensure the highest level of professionalism.

Well now we can temper without any fear!
Free your imagination and create many decorations, as we did in this video, WATCH IT HERE!