Professional food processor and equipment for RSA and nursing homes

In the therapeutic path of a patient, in the daily life of a long life or in any case within a short or long term care, the care of nutrition acquires an extremely important value, both for the role it plays within the day of the assisted, both in a strictly nutritional sense.

In this specific case, a particular discourse must be made with regard to the preparation of meals for dysphagic, which needs uniformity in terms of grain size, balance in nutritional intake and at the same time shredding systems that are quick and effective. All this could not be conceived and processed except with professional equipment for RSA kitchens, hospitals and nursing homes.

What are the main characteristics of professional hospital kitchens?

Hospital malnutrition is considered a “disease in the disease”, with heavy repercussions on the time and cost of hospitalization. Having adequate and state-of-the-art machines, and in general professional equipment for RSA kitchens, hospitals and nursing homes, allows operators and collective catering chains to maintain a high and constant quality standard over time, with a strong positive impact on the patient’s well-being and time savings. Hotmixpro, with its line of thermal mixers, fully fits into this field resulting in the first places for effectiveness and innovation among the professional equipment present in nursing homes, RSA and hospital kitchens.

Hotmixpro thermal mixers can count on a rotation speed of up to 16,000 rpm, allowing the homogenization of any food in a very short time, obtaining the desired level of fluidity. The degree by degree temperature control allows us to cook each food at the desired temperature regardless of the amount of product processed. This option, combined with the Wait Temp function, makes it possible to keep our preparation at the set temperature for as long as necessary.

Why choose hotmixpro professional equipment for the canteens and kitchens of the nursing home?

In the kitchens of nursing homes, RSA and hospitals, the number of meals to prepare can vary from day to day, especially when dealing with pathologies such as dysphagia. The hotmixpro thermal mixers have a very wide range, with glasses of 2, 3 and 5 liters, so as to adapt to every need of operators. The structure, glasses and blades, completely made of steel, allow easy cleaning and sanitation, essential characteristics in food production contexts. The sturdiness of the motor and blade unit also ensures the possibility of working intensively and for a long time without problems. Standardization of work processes is another extremely useful feature in contexts within which operators may vary. The presence of an SD card in each machine provides, if necessary, the possibility of recording the most used processes, so as to reproduce at each working cycle the same time, temperature and speed settings.

The simple setting of the controls, the robust and compact structure and the ease of use make our thermal mixers suitable to be implemented in all kitchens of nursing homes, RSA and hospitals. Many companies in this sector already avail themselves of the help of our products that guarantee them, especially in specific areas such as dysphagia, the possibility to adapt the machine settings to the type of result you want to obtain in each specific case. Few or many portions, however, the working time remains extremely low compared to a constant result. Quick and easy cleaning saves time and energy, allowing more margin for preparation and production. The entirely Italian realization and assistance of our machines guarantee a fast and constant feedback between the user and the manufacturer. This allows, in the most important and structured collaborations, a direct link with the company, with a view to finding the best solution in terms of model and capacity based on customer needs.

Hotmixpro Gastro: effective, fast, robust and programmable. An indispensable ally in every context of hospital production, in RSA and nursing homes.


Some sector customers

GC Klimedia


Our awards and recognitions

“FSE Tomorrow Award”, “Kenneth F. Hine Best of Show” & “Best new product” at IHMRS, “Small Light Equipment Innovation Award” at Gulfood, more than a goal for us are an incentive to continue on the path of innovation at the service of the professional.



Take a look at the HotmixPRO Range!

HotmixPRO Easy:

from 24°C to 130°C, painted steel body, up to 10’050 rpm. Your entry-level companion.

HotmixPRO Gastro:

from 24°C to 190°C, stainless steel body, up to 12’500 rpm, recipe memory and more!

HotmixPRO Gastro X:

from 24°C to 190°C, up to 16’000 rpm, up to 12 hours of work… powerful and tireless!

HotmixPRO Twin:

from 24°C to 190°C, up to 12’500 rpm, and double capacity, with its two independent bowls!

HotmixPRO Gastro XL:

from 24°C to 190°C, up to 16’000 rpm, up to 12 hours of work… and improved 3-lts capacity!

HotmixPRO 5 STARS:

from 24°C to 190°C, stainless steel body, and 5 lts capacity, ideal for the biggest restaurants!

HotmixPRO Breeze:

from -24°C to room temperature, it’s the first thermal mixer specialized in chilling!

HotmixPRO Combi:

on one side, it’s like a Gastro; on the other, like a Breeze – versatile and performant!

HotmixPRO Creative:

from -24°C to +190°C, it’s the first appliance of its category able to chill and cook in the same bowl!

HotmixPRO Master

from 24°C to 190°C, 16’000 rpm, 12 hours of continuous work… and the incredible ability to make vacuum in its bowl while working!

HotmixPRO Smoke

A professional cold smoker, able to run the smoke through liquids, and compatible with every other HotmixPRO unit.

HotmixPRO Dry

Entirely in stainless steel, with 2 separate areas, recipes, and perfect temperature control: this new tabletop dehydrator will really surprise you!

HotmixPRO Master Breeze:

quickly cool down to -24°C while creating vacuum into the bowl

HotmixPRO Giaz & Easy Giaz:

make up to 10 portions of instant ice cream in 60 seconds, without any waste and with full control over the results


"HotmixPRO is an incredible machine!"

"In order to maintain our high standards, we need reliable cooperators and suppliers."


"HotmixPRO has become a key tool in our kitchen.
It takes away stress and allows us to be in control more easily.

The ability to use the recipe system to make any recipe perfectly repeatable (by anyone in the kitchen) is very appreciated."


"HotmixPRO is very innovative, it allows you to forget about it...
You can do something else and the machine will work correctly and won't spoil any recipe. So it's become very important in our workflow. [...] And you also have less things to wash."