HotmixPRO SMOKE is the most innovative cold fast smoker, because it allows you to obtain a perfect smoking in a short time and with excellent results.

The smoke is cold and in this way it is not dispersed, but it remains in contact with the product.
The cold smoking process also prevents the occurrence of bacteria.
In this way you can prepare healthy meals without the fear of a bacterial contamination.

Thanks to our HotmixPRO SMOKE, you have the chance to immerse yourself in the wonderful world of smoking and you will be able to discover new flavours and aromas and give unique textures to your food.


Smoking is a very old technique, originally used for the preservation of food, but today this aspect has become obsolete because of the invention of refrigeration.

Nevertheless, the demand of smoked products has never decreased since it’s possible to give unique flavours to foods.

This technique results in exposing a food to the smoke produced by burning the wood.

The gas released contains a mix of aromatic compounds which forms the most characteristic smoked flavours.
If you reduce the burning temperature, you will lose some of these flavours while the worst ones will be freed.


In the smoking process, the temperature and the moisture of the smoke are very important, because if it’s hot, it infuses flavours in different proportions than cold smoke.

For this reason, the same food tastes different, depending on whether it is smoked hot or cold.

HotmixPRO SMOKE represents the top product of its class. The smoke passes through a liquid so it is cold (with the possibility to add ice to the fluid) and also enriched by the aromas taken from the liquid.

The real challenge of every chef is to create a high quality smoke in order to increase its effect on the taste and appearance of food.

The smoke comes from wood, which contains large amounts of lignin, the component that has most of the aromatic elements that generate the smoky flavour.

If you reach temperatures above 300 ° C (570°F), lignin molecules produce a wide range of volatile chemicals, called phenols.
Many phenols are powerful anti-oxidants that prevent the rancidity of foods, a reason why smoke helps to preserve.

Moreover, if you burn hardwoods at temperatures of 400 ° C (750°F) it is possible to enhance the smoky flavour.

This is the ideal temperature so that the phenols and other aromatic elements could get into the smoke and the acids with an unpleasant taste are unable to do so.


You must make sure that the temperature level is the best to obtain a good smoke.

It’s important to know how to manage the air flow of the smoker in order to check if the wood is burning at the correct temperature.

1) If you reduce the amount of oxygen, vapours don’t burn and the aromatic elements will not be obtained, while the smoke will be rich in polycyclic hydrocarbons (suspected carcinogens).

2) However, the excess oxygen is not recommended as it produces too many flames.

You need to have a little bit of experience to master a fire without flames, in order to produces a tasty and healthy smoke.


The smoke has the leading role because the smells and the flavours of your foods depend on him.

It’s very important to produce a perfect smoke, so it’s essential to understand its structure and how it acts.

Contrary to popular belief, the smoke is not only a simple gas but it’s a combination of 3 states of matter: a mixture of solid particles, small liquid drops suspended in the air and vaporized chemical products.

It’s important to remember that almost all elements that colour, preserve and give flavour to smoked foods are contained in the invisible gases. These gases do almost all of the work, even if they represent a small part of the smoke.
So this is why it is very important to allow them to permeate your food so that the smoked flavours could reach not only its surface but also the inner part.

The reason why these gases are so important is that the most aromatic elements are organic chemical substances that do not dissolve in water.

The liquid drops of the smoke are converted into droplets on the surface.
The flavours don’t penetrate in the food, but they contribute to the texture and flavour of the superficial part.

On the contrary, the organic chemical vaporized substances move in the form of individual molecules and when they land on foods, they carry the flavours to the inner part.

WARNING! In order to avoid an incomplete smoking, you need to pay attention to the texture of the food.

1) If the surface is too dry, the smoked flavour doesn’t penetrate deeply in the food.

2) If the food is too wet, the elements that come out in liquid and gaseous form from the smoke will tend to drip or evaporate immediately.
In order to ensure you get a perfect smoke, check that your food is hot and a bit sticky: in this way you will have proof that the room moisture is correct.


Smoked foods are really delicious, but it’s necessary to pay attention during their preparation to avoid mistakes.

Catching the flavours of the smoke involves two challenges:

1) to ensure that the desired elements that gives flavours are gaseous and not liquid droplets through a good control of the smoke produced in the machine (so that they spread deep inside)

2) to keep the food surface wet to allow the elements to adhere and form a film on the surface.

By checking the moisture of the smoker you can verify that the vaporized organic elements could permeate your food.


Not all types of wood give the same aroma and each of them stands out for the different flavours they produce.

Below we report a short description of the main types of wood used in the smoking process, the typical aromas and flavours they give and the food you can match with it.





A very fruity smoke, with hints of ripe apricot.

Recommended for meat not too thin (salmon).



It produces a reddish smoking with an aromatic and intense taste.

Use it for red meats and smoked tuna.



It produces a sweet and delicate smoking.

Especially suitable for white meat and fish (gilthead bream and sea bass).



Pink and fruity smoke, not too intrusive.

Recommended for fish and white meat.


Use it to smoke fish in general and white meat.



The flavour is sweet, strong but not persistent.

Good for smoking pork, red meat, game and fish.


As the fruit wood it gives a sweet taste, so it is great for poultry and ham.

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