Last time we explained the various difficulties that make the preparation of a good meringue a process which requires great attention and care.
Today we would like to explain how these complications may seem to you a joke if the preparation was approached with the right equipment.

Problems and Solutions of the Preparation

Meringue with pistachios

After the previous article you know that the Italian meringue requires a very precise temperature control (up to the single degree!).
The most common solution is to use a cooking thermometer to constantly check the temperature during the preparation of the caramel.
However, this expedient obliges who cooks to stay close to the preparation and in case you need to work on other things, this could be a significant problem.

HotmixPRO can transform this problematic process in a simple preparation!
Its degree-by-degree temperature control allows you to choose THE DEGREE you want to achieve and you will be 100% sure that the temperature will be that!
You will have to check absolutely nothing but only to set the temperature that will appear on the screen! Approximations are not accepted in the kitchen and the temperature cannot be considered a secondary aspect for sure.
Then, the automatic mixing will ensure you a perfect result in terms of brightness and brilliance.

If you want an even higher level of comfort, thanks to HotmixPRO Twin you can work on two preparations at the same time: in this case, you can prepare the caramel in a bowl and beat until stiff the egg whites with the sugar in the other one.
In this way, it possible to considerably shorten the working time: you work with 2 bowls, very close to each other, limiting the waste of time. (More information about the awesome abilities of HotmixPRO Twin HERE)

HotmixPRO Twin


The meringue can be served in many ways: it can be coloured by burning it with the blowpipe to decorate cakes or to give volume to parfaits.

On the contrary, if you are classic lovers, the meringues must be cooked in the oven at low temperature (80-100° C) for a time which depends on their thickness.
The meringues will be dried and have the classic crunchy texture.

Again if you really want to get the situation under control, HotmixPRO Dry is perfect for you!
HotmixPRO Dry is the first professional dehydrator that guarantee a degree-by-degree dehydration, essential to achieve an excellent result of cooking and texture!
Thanks to its horizontal air flow run by two independent fans, it allows a perfect and homogeneous aeration of the product. (Lear more about the incredible things you can do with HotmixPRO Dry NOW!).

HotmixPRO Dry


Well, what else…the entire preparation would certainly be easier and you will be sure of a great result!
If you want to learn more about the endless possibilities of HotmixPRO, visit our website

So come on! Prepare these sweet white clouds as never before!