“Wow this is great, but it would be even better if it was just baked.”
“Warm and fragrant, it is absolutely fantastic.”

Does this means anything to you? Of course yes, we all said it at least once in a lifetime, because let’s face it all, a dish served right after its preparation has a completely different and better taste.

Why? Because it is possible to perfectly feel the composition of flavours and tastes that blend harmoniously together and whoever prepares the dish has difficulty in keeping it alive for time and temperature reasons.
Yes, because when the temperature of a preparation reduces, some flavours take over on others leaving to customers an incomplete dish, different from what the chef had thought.

Unfortunately, this is mainly due to the fact that who owns a business must absolutely prepare huge quantities in advance to meet all the demand at the right times. In fact, it would be impossible to satisfy each customer by preparing in no time all the elements of the dish if you want to optimize the use of both the raw materials and the equipment people has.

To run their business better, people are obliged to use “pioneering” and unprofessional solutions that have allowed bakers, restaurants and kitchens of various kinds to overcome the lack of a suitable equipment.

The market and demand needs were a problem that greatly limited the work for years and no professional solutions were specially designed for those who work constantly with the food..until now!

HotmixPRO has listened to the needs and complaints of the market and provided an unprecedented and professional solution that never existed before.

We are talking about HotmixPRO Dry, the first appliance able to preserve at a positive temperature and to keep the textures, flavours and tastes of your preparations unaltered for a long time and more important, with no loss of any organoleptic properties.

HotmixPRO Dry: It keeps what you create in a warm and moisture free room

An unprecedented worldwide innovation that combines all the benefits of static temperature conservation to the incredible advantages of a moisture-free room, since it is finally possible to enjoy of perfect textures by eliminating the water in the air.
No more soft or moist texture that can lower the quality of the supply.
A historical need of those who produces and must have constantly fragrant preparations as they were freshly baked.

Beetroot meringues in all their fragrance

From now on, it will be possible to better organize the production by using an appliance able to store foods prepared in advance and preserving them without problems for many hours. And of course this will have no consequence on flavours and textures, while on the contrary it will preserve them at their best.
It will be impossible for customers to distinguish a newly prepared preparation from a preserved one inside HotmixPRO Dry, since the differences are almost inexistent.

Time stops to allow you and your work to be always rewarded by assuring and providing the quality of a product as it were prepared at the moment of the serving.

A true revolution if you consider the enormous benefits you can now enjoy, such as preparing large quantities in advance without the risk of a waste of production due to quality loss.
You will also be able to free other appliances such as ovens that can be used for other preparations, increasing in this way the efficiency of your business and the entire production.

If you want to become part of this new and innovative way of working, find out here all the other incredible abilities of HotmixPRO Dry: created to make your work a comfortable passion.