HotmixPRO Giaz awarded as pioneering solution in the 2018 HORECA sector by the well-known German online magazine FSE-News.

“FSE TOMORROW AWARD” for the pionering solution 2018 in the HORECA sector.

HotmixPRO Giaz awarded as pioneering solution in the 2018 HORECA sector by the well-known German online magazine FSE-News.

The HotmixPRO showcase is enhanced by further recognition following the hard work and commitment that the whole team has made in recent months in the GIAZ project: a new and innovative appliance, specifically created to bring real value to those who face the daily culinary difficulties.

This is the point that catched the attention of the jury: the practical advantage of GIAZ in the HORECA sector, the real innovation that improves the lives of its users.

And as a confirmation of this, the specialist planner Thomas Mertens (FCSI) said that: <>.

But first let’s take a step back.

The question that the jury, composed by a journalist, a specialist planner and a chef, asked itself is the following:

<< Which solution introduced in the last 12 months has the potential to leave a lasting impression in the food service industry and to change its behavior? >>

Tim Oberstebrink, publisher of Food Service Equipment NEWS, has added: << FSE TOMORROW AWARD rewards who have what it takes to simplify people’s work in the HORECA sector. We have therefore rewarded the practical relevance of the innovation and the direct advantages on the work of every kitchen>>.

So the jury awarded HotmixPRO Giaz for the following features:

1) different speeds of processing:

  • ascent/descent speeds of the shaft
  • 12 speeds of rotation of the blades
  • chance to set an ascent of motionless blades for a texture
    only got by milling during the descent (granitas, rough fillings).

    Thanks to Giaz’s several speeds and air settings, these simple raw vegetables got an amazing smooth and creamy texture.

⇒ the combination of the various speeds of Giaz allows the user to get different textures according to the type of preparation – soft and smooth for an ice-cream, rough for a granita or fine for stuffings or the minced herbs.

2)  3 different air settings:

  • chance to work with air pressure 1.8 bar
  • simply with air flow through the product
  • without air insertion

3) variety of suitable beakers:

  • big beakers of 1,8lt
  • standard beakers of 1,3lt
  • total compatibility with every other beaker on the market.

In just three words: efficient, professional and versatile.

The whole HotmixPRO team thanks the entire jury and especially the Food Service Equipment News publisher Tim Oberstebrink for understanding the potential of GIAZ who has attracted towards itself many of our efforts and lot of our passion through this year.

The FSE TOMORROW AWARD is something we all are really proud of and that pushes us strongly to continue in our intent to provide valuable solutions to those whose job stands in the kitchen.

Vielen Dank!

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