Pay attention

We remind you that you should choose your firmware based on language and on electrical frequency.
A special feature of HotmixPRO is that updating, changing language, or changing frequency, is as easy as changing a file on a SD card.

For you, that just means that you can buy an English-speaking unit and turn it into a French-speaking one;
you can travel with it to a Country with different electrical features and still use it;
you can always keep it up to date;
you should just pay some attention while choosing your download.
This Download will provide you with the HotmixPRO Gastro Firmware - 5.6 - IT - 50Hz firmware.

If you are not sure about the electrical frequency in your area, you can ask an electrician, or easily check online.

Click Here for More Info about Electrical Power in your Area!

To update your machine's firmware, follow these simple steps:

PART ONE: prepare the SD card

  1. Turn the machine completely off (if it isn't already) with the big red switch
  2. take out its SD card
  3. insert the SD in your computer
  4. locate -into the SD- the file named "HotMix.upd(it may be absent, or appear as "HotMix" - depending on your configuration)
  5. delete said "HotMix.upd" file
  6. and copy the new one instead of it
  7. unmount the SD and take it off (use the procedure normally suggested on your Operating System to safely extract an SD card)
  8. put the SD back into the machine

PART TWO: install new firmware

  1. press and hold the MENU button
  2. turn the machine on -while holding the MENU button- with the big green switch
  3. keep holding the MENU button for about 5 seconds
  4. The screen of the machine should become blank and enlightened;the machine should then make a "BEEP" sound, and then turn on as usual (it may take up to a minute to be back to normal, please don't worry and be patient)
  5. The machine is now ready. The new software is installed, and eventually the language with it.