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Last week we spoke about the technique of caramelization, focusing on the difficulties of this preparation.
Many people know that everything starts from a very common ingredient, sugar, but few of them are aware of the difficulties and unpredictability of this process.
The perfect success of this preparation depends on a combination of elements that need to be constantly in balance.
This balance is uncertain and very exposed to errors.

By using the most appropriate equipments you may solve your problems both during and at the end of these kind of preparations.

So today we will show you the same recipe, but prepared in two different ways: TRADITION vs. HOTMIXPRO.

You will judge which of the two methods can easily ensure the result you really want.


                               Caramel sauce and salty butter

So now, we compare the delicious recipe of “caramel sauce and salty butter“, excellent with warm crepes, macarons, chocolate tarte or toasted hazelnuts.

Here are the preparations!


• Sugar: 100 gr
• Cream: 250 ml
• Salty butter: 40 gr


Let the butter soften.
Add evenly the sugar and cook over medium heat until it becomes golden.

Pay close attention not to extend too much cooking, or there will be an excessive browning!!
In case you can not avoid this, slightly reduce the intensity of the fire.

Do not mix sugar or you will cause the formation of lumps, very difficult to eliminate.
Meanwhile heat the cream in another saucepan.

As soon as your sugar is converted into caramel (hoping without lumps), slowly add hot cream and stir quickly.

Then cook over low heat for 2 to 3 minutes, continuing to stir constantly.
Now remove everything from the fire and add the softened butter, stirring until absorbed.

Once cool, store the caramel sauce and salty butter inside some glass jars in the refrigerator for 3-4 days.



• Sugar: 500 gr
• Glucose: 200 gr
• Very hot cream: 700 gr
• Butter: 100 gr
• Salt at taste
• 1 vanilla berry


   1 Blades
Mixing     paddles
Sugar 500 g
Glucose 200 g
        1       0   170
   2  Blades
 Mixing    paddles
Very hot cream through the lid’s hole 700 g
Butter 100 g
Salt at taste
1 Vanilla berry
        1  10 min      /

(WT means Wait Temperature: you don’t set the time, you set the temperature that must be reached)

                                   AND THAT’S ALL!

Kinda difficult, isn’t it?!

As you can see, the risk of exceeding the right level of cooking is very high.
The balance of the elements to obtain the desired caramelization is very uncertain; you need extreme care and attention to get the right color and intensity.

Moreover, this recipe requires to stay there, constantly working on it, checking if something is going wrong, and adjusting the preparation accordingly.

This is REALLY what you have to do!
And above all, you can repeat it ENDLESSLY!

You aren’t tied to time control since the machine automatically reaches 170°C. 
Regardless of the quantity and temperature of your ingredients. Always the same result!

Automatic and uniform mixing will prevent the formation of annoying lumps that could affect the success of the recipe.

You prepare everything within the comfortable bowl (2,3,5 liters), without dirtying many pots.

And while the machine works, you can do something else!

Same traditional taste, different way of cooking: easy, fast, accurate and above all ALWAYS with high quality results and no more ERRORS!

Less time spent at working means more time for CREATIONS thanks to HotmixPRO!

Not bad right?

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